Housing 2020: The Virtual Festival

All good things in life have to come to an end...

... but we are pleased to announce the #virtualhousingfestival is now open to all for a further 4 weeks free of charge.

Everyone is welcome until the 9 October continuing to unite the housing world under one roof. Visit the showfloor, watch all the live streams on demand, catch up with the social wall and share the best bits with your teams. Just remember that we are no longer all there to interact live but rest assured any messages you leave can still be picked up by all those involved!

For any of you with your login from last week please do just use that and for all new festival goers just take two mins to fill in your details and then it is all yours. Enjoy, learn, discover as we rebuild together.

Thank you to all our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, partners, delegates and visitors for making this festival a truly amazing experience.

Watch the conference content from the week:

  1. Once you have entered the site please click on ENTER THE VENUE

  2. Visit the MAIN EVENT


  4. Watch your session

  5. We will also be sharing a library of the in touch with tenants stream, socials, health and wellbeing, hubs and huddles and PfH live too. Watch out for the updated library.

To see the 130 exhibitors and sponsors do click on the exhibitor tab – they can still pick up any public messages for the month!

And read the social wall from the week. See what happened with the running commentary as it evolved.

Finally watch the 2020 Housing Heroes awards brilliantly hosted by Jo Caulfield. Congratulations to you all on the night – truly inspirational.

To access all of this please fill in this short registration form and then the event is yours!

Twitter - #virtualhousingfestival


If you are already registered and you are in receipt of your confirmation to join the festival as a delegate, visitor, speaker or exhibitor, you do not need to re-register to view the post-event content. Simply click here to login using your email address and password.

If you are new to the festival and would like to view post-event video on demand recordings of the main sessions, network with other participants, and view the exhibition stands, please click here to register.

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Post Event

Contact Us

If you have technical queries and would like to talk to the providers of the Housing 2020 Virtual Hub, please contact Glasgows on:

Tel: 01772 767724
Email: housing@glasgows.co.uk

For registration and payment queries, please see https://cihhousing.com/useful-information/contact-us or email virtualhousing@oceanmedia.co.uk